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Transamerica Retirement Solutions is committed to providing participants with the latest information, state-of-the art tools and innovative retirement planning materials. Your clients will be able to better educate their employees on retirement planning with the following:


workbook coverEnrollment Video
Transamerica's enrollment video addresses the three primary reasons employees fail to enroll: I don't have the money, I'll do it later, and I don't have the time, while encouraging employees to take advantage of the benefits of joining the plan early, saving automatically, and maximizing tax-deferred savings.

Enrollment Workbook
The enrollment workbook provides a simple process that includes retirement planning education, a risk tolerance questionnaire, a table to help estimate how much employees will need in retirement and a summary of plan provisions encouraging enrollment in the plan.

auto-enrollmentAutomatic Enrollment Newsletter
Automatic enrollment is a powerful plan feature that helps employees save for their retirement without delay. The automatic enrollment newsletter answers many of the common questions employees may have including: How does automatic enrollment work? What do I need to do? How are my contributions invested? How do I make changes and get more information? The newsletter also includes custom plan highlights and a beneficiary form.  


auto-enrollmentConversion Newsletter
Transamerica created a plan transition newsletter that answers many of the most common questions participants have like: How does a plan conversion work? What will happen to my account balance during the conversion process?  And how do I get more information?

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