Welcome to the Transamerica Institute for Retirement Readiness—your online educational resource to learn about saving and investing in your company's retirement plan.

Transamerica believes that the more you know about fundamental investment concepts and the rules that govern your retirement plan, the better equipped you will be to make important decisions about your financial future. "Retirement Readiness" is a broad term that could refer to anything about becoming smart with your money, budget, savings, credit cards, or mortgage. But, the mission of The Institute is to focus primarily on the principles and knowledge that will best help you become an informed saver and thoughtful investor in your employer's retirement savings plan.

The Transamerica Institute for Retirement Readiness uses a modular approach to help you quickly access information and tools about the topics most relevant to your current situation. You'll see that each education module addresses the specific needs of retirement plan savers at four separate stages. As your knowledge increases and you progress from one stage to the next, you’ll move across the "Investor Continuum"—your path toward financial literacy.


To help you navigate the wide variety of tools and resources available on Transamerica’s retirement plan website, we’ve created four stages that describe most retirement plan investors. Then, for each stage, we’ve identified the topics and specific resources (articles, videos, calculators, etc.) that are most relevant for investors in a given stage.

In general, the Investor Continuum summarizes the stages of retirement plan investing that most people experience at one time or another. It is not an exact science, so you may actually move back and forth between stages. Regardless, we hope this illustration will help you think about the “big picture” of retirement planning and which category best describes you now—so you’ll know where to begin.

Where are you along the Investor Continuum?