Each of the four stages of investing is described below in more detail. You'll see
that there are general "action items" for you to consider associated with each stage.

If this describes you...

I am eligible to participate in my company's plan, but haven't joined yet. x


Then you may want to...
  • Get information about your company's retirement plan
  • Join the plan
  • Start saving any amount you can, but consider a contribution rate of at least enough to take advantage of your employer’s full matching contribution
    (if applicable)
If this describes you...

I am participating in my company’s plan, but don’t save very much. I don’t’ know a lot of the details regarding my plan. x

Then you may want to...
  • Increase your contributions to the plan to take full advantage of your employer’s matching contribution (if applicable)
  • Learn about your account management tools (Web/phone account access)
If this describes you...

I am a consistent saver, but not sure about which investments are best for me.

Then you may want to...
  • Use the asset allocation tools to review your investment mix
  • Learn more about the overall economy and stock market
If this describes you...

I’ve got my plan rules and general investing basics down. Now, I’m interested in advanced investment strategies.

Then you may want to...
  • Build on your knowledge of the economy and stock market with more advanced principles
  • Revisit your asset allocation as you get closer to retirement
  • Prepare for your transition to retirement

In the following section, you'll see the specific tools and resources recommended for each of the categories described above. Note that some of the same suggestions apply to more than one stage, so you will see certain tools and resources listed under more than one stage.