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What is RSS?
RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a format for collecting the latest posts from your favorite Web site, blog, podcast or video page. With the use of a program called an RSS reader, you can make sure that you never miss an update.

What is an RSS Reader?
An RSS reader, also called an aggregator, is a program that collects updates from Web sites offering the RSS service. RSS readers compile the updates from your subscribed sites into one convenient location, either on your computer or through a Web-based program.

How do I get started?
The first step is to decide on the type of RSS reader that you wish to use. There are three main types:

You may have one already built into your browser, such as with later versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. To find out, simply try clicking on an RSS feed link, such as this one, and see what happens. If the page that appears is an easy-to-read list of article summaries with links, then your browser is using its built-in reader. It will likely offer you an option to subscribe to the feed. (Please reference your browser’s help page for more information.)

If, however, what comes up is a page with incomprehensible code, then you need to explore one of the options discussed below.

Many Web sites, such as Google Reader, Bloglines and My Yahoo!, offer RSS readers as a free service. The availability of features on these sites will vary greatly, from the basic readers that provide simple text listings, to the more robust ones that include modular graphical interfaces with stock tickers and weather widgets.

You must create an account to use these Web-based services, but the advantage is that you can access your feeds from any computer with an Internet connection.

Finally, a desktop-based client might be for you if you’d like to collect your feed listings onto a program that is installed separately onto your computer, without having to open up your browser. These are less likely to be free, but you may find that they include features that best suit your needs, such as privacy features and the ability to integrate with your own local programs. FeedDemon and NetNewsWire are popular, feature-rich choices. But there are also some commonly-used programs such as Outlook or later versions of Adobe Acrobat that fall into this category.

How do I add a feed?
The method of adding a feed varies according to the feed reader which you are using. Transamerica Retirement Solutions makes this easier on you by using the FeedBurner service to output our feed. When you click on the “Subscribe to our RSS” button, you are taken to a FeedBurner page that gives you the option to select from a number of choices, which include the most popular readers. Simply select your preferred RSS reader, click “yes” to the prompt, and you’re done!

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