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AEGON is one of the world’s leading life insurance and pension groups, and a provider of investment products. AEGON empowers local business units to identify and provide products and services that meet the evolving needs of customers, using distribution channels best suited to local markets. AEGON takes pride in balancing a local approach with the power of an expanding global operation.

With headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands, AEGON companies employ more than 30,000 people worldwide. AEGON’s businesses serve millions of customers in over twenty markets throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, with major operations in the United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Respect, quality, transparency and trust constitute AEGON’s core values as the company continually strives to meet the expectations of customers, shareholders, employees and business partners. AEGON is driven to deliver new thinking with the ambition to be the best in the industry.


AEGON values many relationships with the global investment community and is committed to the highest standards of integrity and fair disclosure. The international business activities of the company are reflected in the
geographical diversity of AEGON’s investor base. To ensure efficient and effective access to the global capital markets, AEGON’s common shares are listed on the stock exchanges in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, New York, Tokyo and Zurich. In addition, the company's stock is included in many major equity indices.

AEGON strives to continuously improve as an investor friendly company. In 2003, AEGON disclosed its embedded value analysis for the first time and provided more detail than most of the disclosure in the market. The analysis is used by the financial community to better understand AEGON’s businesses and the value the company creates. The group also strengthened its financial communications by combining the investor relations and corporate communications departments. AEGON is focused on ensuring that both financial and non-financial information is disclosed accurately, completely, timely and in a consistent fashion.

AEGON is committed to ensuring investors receive an accurate portrait of the company's performance and prospects. To achieve this, AEGON has developed an active investor relations program that focuses on providing investors around the world with the information required to make sound investment decisions. This includes information on key factors that drive AEGON’s businesses and influence its results, financial condition and value. AEGON actively maintains contact with the financial community through many mediums, including investor roadshows, webcasts, press releases and investor days, while ensuring equal access to information.

AEGON invites current shareholders, members of the financial community and potential investors to learn more about AEGON as an investment. Dedicated staff are available to answer questions and to maintain an open dialog between AEGON and the financial community.


  • Commitment to Core Business
    Insurance with a strong emphasis on life insurance, pensions, savings and investment products. AEGON focuses on the financial protection and asset accumulation needs of its clients. 
  • Decentralized Organization
    Multi-domestic and multi-branded approach, giving a high degree of autonomy to the management of the individual country and business units, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and action. AEGON requires local management to run local businesses. 
  • Emphasis on Profitability
    Long-term average growth of net income of 10% per annum; the minimum return on investment is set to earn adequate returns well in excess of the cost of capital on the pricing of new business and acquisitions. Divestments of non-core activities and underperformers and disciplined expense management are key to the achievement of these objectives. 
  • Market Position
    AEGON's objective is to achieve a leading position in each of its chosen markets in order to generate benefits of scale. 
  • International Expansion
    AEGON supplements its autonomous growth with selective acquisitions and partnerships, which are preferred in countries where AEGON already has a presence in order to build scale and enhance distribution.

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