401(k) Day Event Tips

Two Months Prior to Your Event:

Establish a 401(k) Day Theme:                       

  • Happy 401(k) Day!
  • Don't Get Left Behind in Retirement
  • Where Will Your Retirement Take You? 
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One Month Prior to Your Event:

Establish a Schedule:

Week 1:    Make an announcement to your employees regarding the 401(k) Day Celebration via e-mail or Web site

Week 2:    Insert payroll stuffers or if you offer direct deposit distribute a reminder flyer

Week 3:    Display posters throughout the company in break rooms and the Human Resources Department

Week 4:    Send an e-mail reminder or memo

Day of the Event:

Hold an "Open House" in the Benefits Department to assist with any questions regarding your plan. If possible, have a plan representative available for questions.

Other Suggested Celebration Ideas Include:

1. Host a "Dress for Retirement Day". On the day of the event have employees come dressed as they see themselves in retirement. Offer prizes for most creative dress For example:
a. Fisherman
b. Golfer
c. Vacationer
d. Gardner

2. Feature theme based games, such as:
a. Crossword puzzles
b. Word Search puzzles regarding retirement
c. Fill in the blank
d. Word Match

3. Have a registration to win prizes in anticipation of retirement, for example:
a. Sports Equipment
b. Beach gear
c. Picnic Baskets
d. Books

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