Harrison, NY—August 7, 2013


Transamerica Retirement Solutions Debuts Best Practices Guide
for Third Party Administrators

TPAs share experiences and advice with peers
about running a successful third party administration business

Transamerica Retirement Solutions announced today the creation of a robust business-building reference resource offering best practices to third party administrator firms. “Strategies and Best Practices for Third Party Administrators: Ideas, Tips and Guidelines to Grow Your Business” is available today to TPAs in an electronic book format.

“Transamerica is dedicated to the TPA community, and we regularly provide new and innovative resources to TPAs to help them operate efficiently and grow their businesses. We know that TPA business owners want to hear what works for other firms around the country, and we are very pleased with the number of TPAs who wanted to share insights with their peers,” said Deborah Rubin, senior vice president and national practice leader, third party administration and professional retirement plan advisor distribution for Transamerica Retirement Solutions. “This e-book is unique because it is a culmination of interviews, tips and best practices shared by TPAs for TPAs. At Transamerica, we are proud to help significantly strengthen and unify the TPA community all across the nation.”

The inaugural 2013 edition offers over 150 pages of TPAs sharing their best strategies in the areas of sales and marketing, technology, customer service and cost savings, as well as office administration, operations and management. Within each best practice topic, TPAs share insights and the real-world results they experienced. Transamerica will foster continued interaction among TPAs during the year, and continue to gather TPA best practices for future editions.

“With this e-book, Transamerica’s goal is to provide TPAs with a comprehensive resource for ideas from their peers all around the country. Because TPA firms are largely regional businesses, this best practices e-book presents a rare and welcome glimpse at what’s working for others in the TPA community,” said Rubin. “We appreciate the TPAs who took the time to contribute their own ideas and suggestions to this initiative, and we look forward to offering more business-building resources for TPAs in the near future.”

Third party administrators can request a copy by calling Transamerica at (888) 401-5826 and selecting option one, Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., Eastern Time.


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