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Transamerica Retirement Solutions Report on Stable Value:
Participants Agree Best Plans Offer Stable Value Investment Choice

Retirement plan participants express preference for plans that offer stable value option

Transamerica Retirement Solutions today announced the release of its report on Participant Attitudes Toward Stable Value Offerings. The report, produced in partnership with Transamerica Stable Value Solutions Inc., evaluates the role of stable value products in the changing retirement landscape and focuses specifically on how plan participants view these investment options.

The results of the Participant Attitudes survey confirm that demand for stable value investments remains high. The comprehensive report provides data points on items such as usage and access, but it also delves deeper into why stable value products are the preferred low-risk investment option for many retirement plan participants.

“Our survey shows that over 90 percent of participants who have access to stable value products invest in them,” said Marijn Smit, president of Transamerica Stable Value Solutions Inc. “That is a confirmation to plan sponsors about the importance of providing access to this type of investment. Based on our survey results, they’re an important part of a well-diversified investment mix, and having access to these products appears to encourage participants to save for retirement and helps them invest with a greater sense of security.”

The majority of participants who were surveyed for the report described stable value products as a necessity for a retirement savings plan, and many of the survey’s other findings support the conclusion that participants place a high value on stable value investments.

Additional insights from the study reveal:

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About the Study
This report is based on results of an online survey of 350 defined contribution plan participants fielded in December 2013. The third-party sample includes 285 full-time employees and 3 part-time employees eligible to participate in a retirement savings plan at work (98% of whom are contributing and have a balance) and 62 retirees with a balance in the retirement savings plan of a former employer. The population includes 132 participants ages 20 to 35, 65 participants ages 40 to 49, 95 participants ages 50 to 64, and 56 participants ages 65 or older. Among respondents, 184 have access to a stable value option in their retirement savings plan, 69 do not have access, and 97 are not sure.

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